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Al Kholooj Group was established in 1999 in UAE built on strong foundations of hard work, trust, enthusiasm and consistency in quality work after establishing successful ventures in Iran. The company has 8 mega stores in leading malls & market of Abu Dhabi & Dubai.

We started business here in U.A.E after long success all over Iran. We want to expand our business to all over the world. Our Management approach focuses on customer satisfaction by using best quality materials, to give maximum value for money to the client with the help of a highly qualified team. We have around 100,000 clients all over the U.A.E and around the world; we provide exceptional service with high quality product.

The Abaya has been worn by the Arab world for centuries, and has gained a fashion presence globally.

Al Kholooj consists of a unique range of contemporary Abayas & Sheilas, Our luxurious collections, combine the beauty of heritage and capture a modern design infused with cutting edge style. Our team constantly strives to offer women new and exciting choices, with high grade fabrics which make for comfortable couture. We focus on delivering original and elegant designs, classic pieces that express femininity and simplicity.


With more than 300 specialist staff working in departments such as sales & marketing, designers & hand makers, embroiderers & tailors etc.

By now, the company has delivered weekly 50 new designs and over 2000 different designs to more than 100,000 customers from all over U.A.E & also tourists from abroad.


Our target is to attract customers from the GCC as well as international visitors, in the market by giving them the best as they deserve the best. We provide after sales service such as home delivery and alteration.

After sale services are provided to each client without any extra charge, to assure our customer’s satisfaction. We have a product for every type of customer, reasonable prices in every price category to meet the demands of our clients.

Customer satisfaction is one of our main goals. Our job is to finish each piece with positive customer satisfaction and to ensure that the products and services benefit our customers. We do our best to achieve and maintain our target in a sustainable way.


Our main focus is on quality from day one by having Quality Inspectors on four major stages during manufacturing. We build our trust with our clients by providing them with quality product along with the finest service at a reasonable price.


We provide products by using best quality materials, to give maximum value for money to the client with the help of highly qualified skilled staff. Moreover, we also focus on a quality customer relationship.

We provide 45 to 50 new designs on a weekly basis with the latest fabric and contemporary, traditional and classic designs.